2. La telefonata tipo: appuntamento dall'estetista

(data la natura del servizio richiesto, ciò si ripeteva regolarmente e senza alcun progresso)

- Sabah El Khir...?
- Hallo, Sabah El Khir. I would like to take an appointment for a wax, full leg, when is it possible?
- Do you want to come today?
- No, not today, in the coming days. When is it possible?
- One moment please (questa frase arriva tra il secondo e il terzo scambio conversazionale, inesorabilmente. Seguono secondi di trambusto e una nuova voce si interfaccia al telefono).
- Hallo?
- Yes, Hallo. I wanted to take an appointment for a wax, in the coming days...
- Today it is fully booked.
- Yes, yes…I guessed so, not today. I would like to know when it is possible. In the afternoon because I work during the day.
- Tomorrow at 1 pm?
- No. In the afternoon, I work at 1 pm, after 6 maybe.
- Do you want to come at 6?
- No, I said that for me it is ok after 6. Anyway. Whenever is more suitable for you, starting from 6.
- I am very sorry, at 6 is not possible, it is fully booked tomorrow.
- Ok. Then. WHEN IS IT POSSIBLE TO COME, AFTER 6? I don’t know, maybe Wednesday or Thursday..?!!
- Can you come at 5?
- At 5? Ehm...maybe, but when?
- At 5 then.
- No, but WHEEN??!!
- On Friday is ok?
- No, it is not ok on Friday, I am not in Cairo on Friday, and it is too late!
- On Saturday?
- Ok, it’s ok, thank you, I will call another time.
- Thank you a lot madame, I am very sorry…
- Yes ok…

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